After five days with no sleep I embarked on a journey that had no direction. I had nowhere to sleep once I got to LA, only a few names, emails and friends sleeping on sofas in various places. A wonderful human decided to let me stay at her place for a couple of days, which turned into two weeks, multiple taco Tuesday’s, dog walks and Margarita’s. Shannon and her awesome housemate Marc put up with me for two weeks and Paddington the dog made me want to cry with happiness every time I got home. I felt like I had a little family! I love that a chance meeting turned into great friendship.

A few DJ gigs, a couple of days searching through record stores in Silverlake, multiple nights out, karaoke and way too much food later, it was time to head back to London. I never thought it would happen but I was SO excited to get back to autumn. I think I’m a person who needs seasons.

Swimming Costume Rokit

ShoesBuffalo (Marc lent me his Buffalo’s for the shoot!!)

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Mike Kruger